Monday, 8 October 2018

September Members Meeting


There was a good turnout for our first Members meeting after the Summer break. We were treated to an enthralling talk by Alastair Scott, former President of the British Interplanatary Society (BIS).

We learnt that the BIS was founded in Liverpool in 1933 and is the oldest space advocacy organisation in the world. Its mission is to promote the exploration and use of space for the benefit of humanity by connecting people to create, educate and inspire and advance knowledge in all aspects of astronautics.

Alastair explained how BIS members became involved with the British Aerospace industry and told us of his own career in the industry and how it had evolved over many years through a sequence of mergers.

The speaker pointed out that it was a myth that there was no British Space programme and that in fact it had a proud heritage in taking space travel from imagination to reality. This included in the early days providing the inspiration for Apollo 11 and showing the USA how to build satellites.

To the surprise of many, he told us that the centre of the British aerospace programme was based at a complex in Stevenage. The projects carried out there were divided into two categories - 'Upstream' and 'Downstream'. 'Upstream' was design and manufacturing and included the development of projects such as HOTOL, Blue Streak and Black Arrow missiles. Whilst most satellites continued to be built there before being completed in Toulouse. 

In the past this also included the Giotto Satellite that intercepted Hailey's comet in 1984 whilst some of the satellites built today photographed weather conditions for onward sale to the farming community. Even the first digital telephones were designed at Stevenage. However although the 'Upstream' business of design and manufacture amounted to a turnover £2 billion p.a., the 'Downstream' business of operations and use including Sky discs and global communication generated even more income - £13 billion p.a.. It was planned to employ up to 100,000 people by 2030 with the aim of obtaining 10% of worldwide business generating sales of £40 billion p.a. but he emphasised that the future lay with Commercial operations particularly with launchers and satellites rather than Government contracts.

He then gave a brief resumé of current projects including Scientific Exploration that continued to be a major factor with the ultimate aim of remaining to get a man to Mars - which would be a one way trip!
The talk was concluded with a resumé of the ongoing work by the Society today to generate more interest at all levels in Space including holding numerous events involving well known celebrities such as astronaut Tim Peake.

The talk concluded with a Q&A session and our speaker was greeted with well deserved and generous applause from an appreciative audience.

Then time for tea and biscuits!

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Hop Picking


The Eden Valley Museum in Edenbridge, is hosting a hop-picking exhibition in 2019 and would like to hear from any members who have memories to share about travelling down to Kent to pick hops in any of the villages of the Eden Valley including Edenbridge, Chiddingstone, Cowden, Crockham Hill, Toys Hill, Four Elms and Penshurst. 

Please call the museum on 01732 868102 and leave your name and contact details, or email putting Hop-picking memories as the subject of your email. Alternatively write to Eden Valley Museum, Church House, 
72 High Street, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5AR.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Annual General Meeting Report 2018

Annual General Meeting 2018
Tuesday 24th July 2018

The Annual General Meeting 2018 was well attended with another full hall. It was followed by a speaker - The Dowager Lady Crabtree. You will find a separate report on the News Page.

Below are the agenda items and a brief summary of the 
decisions made in red
You will see the Minutes of the Meeting HERE when they are completed

1.    Apologies for absence - See Minutes

2.    Chairman’s report - See Minutes

3.    Approve minutes of the Fourth Annual General Meeting held on 25th July 2017 Approved Unanimously

4.    Receive the Treasurer’s report and approve the accounts for the year 2017/18  Approved Unanimously

5.    Confirm the appointment of the Financial Adviser Approved Unanimously

6.    To approve deleting clause 3 of the constitution and replacing it by the following clause:
"The charity’s object is specifically restricted to the following:
The advancement of education and, in particular, the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work, by all means including associated activities conducive to learning and personal developments in Edenbridge and its surrounding locality”
(Note: This is a new standard Objects Clause that all U3As have been asked to implement. The only variation being the regional reference which will obviously differ)
Approved Unanimously

7.    To approve deleting the number three where it appears in clauses 7(v),7(vii) and 7 (viii)(b) of the constitution and replacing it by the number 6.
          (Note: Currently the maximum period that Executive Committee members may stay in office is a mixture of three and six years. This will standardise it at six years) Approved Unanimously  

8.    To approve deleting the number 10 where it appears in clause7 (ii) of the constitution and replacing it by the number 12. (Note: This will enable the maximum number of Executive Committee members to be increased to 12) Approved Unanimously

9. To report on nominations for Chairman, Vice chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and put these to the vote. Approved Unanimously

10. To report on nominations for the remaining Executive Committee Members and put these to the vote. Approved Unanimously

11. Approve the annual subscription rates for 2018/19 which the Executive Committee has recommended remain unchanged from 2017/18. Approved Unanimously

12. Any other business. The next few monthly meetings were displayed on the screen. Stephen Harding outlined to the meeting the policy on photographs displayed on the website. Presentations were made to Molly Ward (Speakers Coordinator) and Stephen Harding (Website Manager) who will be leaving the committee after five years service.

The Independent Examiner's Report 2017-18 to the Executive Committee as Trustees of U3A Edenbridge can be found HERE

The Accounts for the Financial Year 2017 - 2018 can be found HERE

We are committed to saving paper and money. Notice of the AGM was sent out to all members by email and by post to those who had requested otherwise. Details of the agenda, minutes, accounts etc will be displayed on a screen and the notice board. 

How to grow old disgracefully

July 2018 Monthly Meeting

Departing from the format of previous years, we had a speaker this year preceded by the short business of the AGM
How To Grow Old Disgracefully
The DowageLady Crabtree

Lady Crabtree took a whimsical look at growing older and showed us that the advancing years are to be enjoyed, rather than endured. With a mixture of amusing personal anecdotes, comic monologues and sage advice, Lady Crabtree shared her wry observations about various aspects of ageing, such as dealing with fashion for the over-50s; health and beauty; failing memory, lost glasses… and how to fight back against the modern age. In this celebration of maturity, Lady Crabtree revealed that there are many advantages to growing older!
Full report following soon

Lady Crabtree and the Chairman

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Edenbridge U3A in 2018

See what we've done in 2018

It's been a very busy year and our members have been very active. Here is your chance to see some of those activities from PHOTOS that our members have sent in. This will be displayed at the AGM as a slideshow before and after the AGM meeting and the speaker. You'll see it then in life size images on the big screen, In the meanwhile here is a PREVIEW

To See our 2018 Photos click HERE