Saturday, 4 February 2017

Crop Circle Mystery

Andy Thomas
Crop Circle Mystery

Andy Thomas gave a very interesting talk to a packed house at our January 2017 meeting. It was the largest crowd we’ve ever had with over 100 people in attendance. Andy started by telling us that the earliest record of a crop circle can be traced back to 1678 where it was considered the work of the devil! Since then, there have been over 10,000 recorded formations.

The first photo of a crop circle took place in 1932 but it wasn’t until the 1970s that many symmetrical clusters started to appear.  By the 1990s, hieroglyphical patterns were starting to emerge and today we see some very sophisticated geometrical patterns.  Crop circles occur on a variety of crops including flax, wheat, corn, rape, broad beans, and even on bracken and heather.  The landscape varies too although it has been noted that most occur on chalk where there is underground water.  The UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, Croatia and Canada are the countries with the most occurrences; interestingly, the US hardly gets any despite the large amount of land space.

There are many theories that support the formation of crop circles.  Andy convincingly explained why they cannot be man-made (the complexity of the design would take many days to complete yet these circles appear very quickly – or the fact that the crops are not broken or trampled nor is there any sign of mud when they appear after wet weather) and offered a number of possible explanations which have been cited over the years including:

  • Weather
  • Sun
  • Power of thought
  • Lasers
  • The military
  • UFOs
  • Divine Intervention
  • And even hedgehogs!
Obviously there is no simple explanation but we were all amazed at the complexity and scale of the designs and it gave us much food for thought.

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