Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Trans-Africa Walk

Trans-Africa Walk – Travers
by Fran Sanham

Fran Sanham shared his experiences of his trans-Africa walk.  He started on the Skeleton Coast (so named because of the many shipwrecks and subsequent deaths of the crew) on the west coast and walked some 3,400 miles to the east coast finishing in Zanzibar.  It took him about a year (although he did spend a couple of months in one place) and he lived on a budget of £2 – 3 per day.

As a child, Fran had been enthralled by stories of Africa, firstly through Tarzan comics and latterly through reading about explorers such as Livingston and Stanley.

He walked around 26 miles each day, always with the sun on his left hand side, which led to a strange suntan and carrying a 100 lb rucksack.  He did try using both a donkey and a mule to carry his load but neither proved successful so he resorted to carrying the rucksack himself.  He came across many hazards including extreme heat, puff adders, drunk drivers and lions.  He even managed to contract malaria but thankfully just after the walk had ended.

He talked about the stunning vistas of the Victoria Falls and Lake Malawi and the lovely, hospitable people he met on route.