Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Chairman's memories

Chairman's Memories 
of the Medway Queen

As a young child my parents took me on the Medway Queen for day trips to Southend and once to Clacton. The trips created an indelible memory of both excitement and awe at the sight of the mechanics!

We boarded the ship at Strood pier and after picking up more passengers at Chatham we sailed down the Medway to the point (Sheerness) where the Medway joined the Thames. As a young boy, I was truly fascinated by the engine room and the cranks and pistons that were clearly on show below deck as they powered the paddles driving the steamer across the Thames towards the long pier at Southend.

Once off the boat at Southend the walk along the long pier was a further challenge – Southend pier is some 1.34 miles long and I remember the childhood phobia I had walking over the wooden planks seeing the sea through the gaps and fearing I would slip through the gap into the muddy sea below!

Great memories - I would love to be able to take our grandchildren on the Medway Queen when its restoration is complete and it sails again! Fingers crossed!

Mike – September 2017