Sunday, 22 April 2018

Important Message

A Message from the Edenbridge 
U3A Chairman Mike Collins
As many of you know, after each monthly talk we have a committee meeting to discuss our U3A, future plans and other issues that arise from time to time. We are very fortunate to have such a committed group of volunteers who have put their hearts and souls into establishing our Edenbridge Group. Many have been on the committee since the group's inception and conception some 5 years ago. At our meeting this week, one of our key committee members, Stephen Harding, notified us of his intention to resign at the end of our current year (AGM on 24th July). I understand his reasons for wishing to step down - he has many interests outside the U3A and feels that he has neglected some of these over the last few years. He wishes to put some of his dynamic energy into these in the future. He will not be leaving U3A but will be sorely missed as a committee member. You have heard me say many times about our wonderful Edenbridge U3A website - I call it a "living website" because it is always so up to date and full of stories about what is going on in our wonderful groups. This has been Stephen's baby and wow, has it grown! - it puts all the other U3A websites to shame. He has also been the person who sets up the equipment we use for our monthly speakers to show us their visual material and amplify their voices. The monthly "newsletter" is also down to Stephen together with the board of group events that is always set up at the back of Crockham Hill hall for our meetings. AND finally many of you have been helped individually with your IT problems by Stephen and he has led the committee through the changes required under the data protection changes coming on stream in May. So "wow" what a list!

So what of the future without Stephen? When I stand in front of you all every month I am aware of what a talented group of people there are in our hall. All the things that Stephen has set up for our U3A are now running smoothly and, as a committee, we will be looking at splitting up some of the roles he has developed between ourselves. Out there in our audience there may be a person (or persons) who would like to take on the role of running the website - an exciting challenge if ever there was one! Stephen is willing to train a replacement in all the skills necessary to keep the website up to date and we have three months for this process to take place. So do you want to become "internet savvy" and take on this exciting role in our wonderful organisation? If this prospect interests you and you would like to join our thriving committee, contact me in the first instance at

Best wishes

Mike Collins