Sunday, 9 December 2018

November Speaker Meeting


The Talk at the November Meeting of Edenbridge U3A was given by Doctor Gerald Cramp President of the Kent Archaeological Society.

We heard that the Society was the oldest Archaeological Society in the Country, having been founded in 1857 and had extensive records dating back to that time covering the original geographical area of Kent. He gave a brief outline of his role as President and then emphasised that despite its own sources, the Society welcomed contributions from anyone who had photos or documents that could add to its knowledge. As an illustration he showed colour photos from the 1970s taken by one former member that had been donated to the Society that had been particularly helpful.

He advised that at one time the Annual General Meetings of the Society took place at different places in the County and produced a copy of a notice showing that the one for 1893 took place in Edenbridge. He then moved on to talk about and illustrate some of the numerous digs involving the Society, starting with the Bronze Age and then progressing through the Iron Age, Roman era and then the Medieval period. He pointed out the many places of historical interest in the County and then focused on particular recent sites including the Lees Court Estate Project in 2018 and the Cobham Community Project. 

He concluded by talking about a recent visit to Rochester Cathedral and identifying ancient graffiti featuring ships. Having finished his talk he invited members of the audience to bring forward any items that they had that needed interpretation. Then, following a number of questions, the audience gave Doctor Field a well merited round of applause. Afterwards members were able to see and handle Roman and Medieval artefacts that the Society had recovered.